Urban Exlporers Festival Dordrecht
7 TH OF JUNE 2014: Urban Exploreres Festival in Dordrecht. Live performances in a cellar-setting. A soundart project in 6 cellars called "Cellar Noises" with Nico Parlevliet, Pierre Bastien, Mark Bain, Toine Horvers, Ricardo Huisman and Hannes Wallrafen.
I Worked with ice, smoke and other elements in an arctic setting.

Ms Stuvbitz Hamburg
Playing on board of MS Stubnitz in Hamburg. Together with AntiDelusionMechanism and Dead Fish Fuck.

27th of march 2014

Competition in Georgia Tech University
February 20th 2014:
Selected as semi-finalist in the Margareth-Guthman Competition at the Georgia Tech University in Atlanta, Department of Music Technology. USA.

In this competition 21 instrument builders were invited to demonstrate their own instrument.

Judge consisted of David Zicarelli (founder and CEO of Cycling ’74), Chris Moore (composer, performer and Georgia Tech professor), and Young Guru (Grammy-nominated engineer to Jay-Z).

Organised by Frank Clark
Chair and Professor of Music

Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0456 USA

Playing on Rammelfest -min40
18th of january 2014:

Playing on my own festival, Rammelfest -min40

Rammelfest is a playful and unexpected festival with soundart, performances, self-built instruments and modern dance. Get inspired by a laboratorium set-up of many live acts, in which different art-forms are combined.  Each year a new edition will take place.

This event is funded by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

Ver uit de maat festival in Worm Rotterdam
festival in Worm, institute for avantgardistic recreation in Rotterdam. Peter Bruyn picking up parts felling down because of the resonance

December 2013

PNEM soundart festival
Performance at PNEM Soundart festival in Uden. This festival offers a stage for musicians and artists working on the cutting edge of sound, music and new media. This festival offers an international platform for the development and implementation of experimental music and sound art.

Nacht van de Doden @ NDSM
november 1st 2013: Collaboration with audiomachinist Geert Jonkers at a theatrical event "Nacht van de doden" . On the old shipyard NDSM in Amsterdam, Hetty van Bommel organized an event about being together for 1 night with people we lost.
Pictures are made by Roel weenink

Media Art Flow Festival Almelo
3 days at Media Art Flow Festival in Almelo MAFF
27 - 28 sept 2013

a festival about crossovers in art, organised by NTK

on deck of MS Stubnitz
Splashbox on board of MS Stubnitz.. functioning outside in the rain as well as interactive soundsculpture!!

Splashbox @ Artspace Kulter Amsterdam

Performance @ Artspace Kulter Amsterdam.
14th of june 2013

Splashbox @ open ateliers Amsterdam Noord
1 & 2 juni 2013. Open ateliers Amsterdam Noord. In between the expo in Storkhallen Hallen Amsterdam. Visitors are invited to discover the Splashbox. Collaboration with NDSM Treehouse

DaDa diner together with Patricia de Ruijter
DaDa-Diner, organised together with Patricia de Ruijter 5th of may 2013. To celebrate freedom of art, in comparison to the Entartete Kunst, in WOII.
The Dada-movement was born out of negative reaction to the horrors of WOI. Dada rejected reason and logic, prizing nonsense, irrationality and intuition and concentrated its anti-war politics  through a rejection of the prevailing standards in art through anti-art cultural works.

The Splashbox in an absurdistic Dada-setting-Diner!

Performance @ Artspace Flipside Eindhoven
Performance at Artspace Flipside Eindhoven. Finissage after artist-in-residence period.
I did a research about water and sound 
and developed the Splashbox further
This performance has been part of
Rammelfest 8.nat, 6th of april 2013.
With Rikkert Brok, Vermisst Susi, Gael
Massoinnier, Mathieu Levet, Marc Koolen,
Roel Weenink en Wim van Gelder.

PERFORMANCE @ studio LOOS Den Haag
Performance @ STUDIO  LOOS The Hague. At the event Wonderwel, organised by Yolanda Uriz Elizalde. 28th of february 2013

Performance at Brugtheaterfestival Performance at BrugTheatre Festival in Alkmaar, 18th of nov 2012. A festival in pubs around the old bridge in the centre. I played in the Irish Pub. Organised by Siberische Bruiloft.

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Splashbox at (h)ear experimental audio research Heerlen
Concert at (h)ear experimental audio research in Heerlen. (Also on Facebook.) 8 sept 2012. This place is  a platform for audio art. For the first time I used a little camera on my instrument. These images were live sent to a beamer. On the same evening Olivia Pils was playing.

splashbox at NDSM Amsterdam Concert at the Y-Bunker in NDSM Amsterdam, july 2012.
The first performance with my prototype Splashbox.
On the same night performed Lumisokea with electronical sound experiments.
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